Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Number 200 fast approaches...

Well who would’ve ever have thunk that I would still be doing this frankly stupid endeavour and be quickly approaching number 200. I have been pondering what to cook for it – I want to do something very English and/or grand and I think I have chosen something; it may not fit the latter criterior, but it is possibly more English than roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Can you guess what it is? Answers on a postcard….

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read and commented on the blog – I am still flabbergasted than people read it and cook from it. My biggest thanks go to all my poor friends and family that have had t put up with some of these meals, which have been pretty far out of their comfort zone. Everyone has been great sports.

Thanks again, folks!


Anonymous said...

I've yet to receive my invite for this very English meal. I guess this must be because of the postal strike, just in case you were wondering where my RSVP was.

Anthea said...

I'm anticipating a stampede of volunteers for the brains in grape & curry sauce, so as a matter of public spirited duty, I'm recusing myself from that one :-)

Congratulations Neil & don't stop! I love reading it!