Thursday, June 5, 2008

#55 Asparagus and Eggs

It is said that the English Springtime officially commenced with the start of the asparagus season. It is a shame that everything we do so far removed from the seasons these days with our constant demand for year-round food. What is the point of eating a chlorosed watery tomato in November, I ask you!? Yet we all do it. Asparagus, however, although I’m sure that it could be provided all year round, isn’t; the season is ingrained there somewhere. Those that eat it would know not to buy at any other time. That said, I saw some in Asda the other day from Peru!

The other travesty is that I have not cooked any this year, and there are a few asparagus-based recipes in English Food. (#55) Asparagus and eggs made use of the left over eggs from the almond tart I’d made previously, plus Greg and I were slightly hungover and scrambled eggs, as far as I’m concerned, are one of the best cures for such a malaise.

For two: Remove the woody bits from about 6 ounces of asparagus. To do this with minimal waste, just hold the asparagus spear in your hands and allow it to snap near the base end, this is the natural breaking point between woody stalk and tender spear. Boil them in just an inch or so of well-salted water for 2 to 4 minutes, depending on thickness. Do not overcook! Test them with a knife if you’re not sure. Salt is a must with any green vegetable as, apart from improving the flavour, it makes the colour much more vivid (also, don’t cover the pan for the same reason). Drain them and keep them warm. Toast some brown bread and butter it well. Keep that warm too. Make some scrambled eggs, using 4 of the lovelies, a tablespoon of butter and plenty of salt and pepper. Stop cooking the eggs before they are ready as the carry on cooking in the pan. I prefer them soft, creamy and pourable, but I know that makes some people want to vom, but please don’t overdo them. Place two-thirds of the asparagus on the toast, spoon over the eggs, and using your best artistic flare, stylishly place the rest of the spears on top. Scoff.

#55 Asparagus and eggs – 7/10. Simple yet effective. It displays the richness of the eggs, and the sweet but slightly astringent taste of the asparagus. Plus it takes only a few minutes to make. Very good.


Manhattanchester said...

Ditto 7/10. I'd have this at breakfast every day if I could. There's no fuss or complicated seasoning, it's just two delicate flavours sitting alongside one another so it feels very simple and homely. I agree re the asparagus. In Barcelona my friend Char and I once ate the most insipid and offensive asparagus which had clearly been force-grown and tasted of water. I didn't touch it again for ages afterwards. What's the point? I like the seasons and the things that they bring, otherwise I'd live in California!

Neil Buttery said...

Indeedy! I shall try and do more before the season is out!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a dreamy combination.

Lee Gilligan said...

I love scrambled eggs I do. I also like asparagus... and toast.

Therefore I would summise that this dish would taste very nice and I like its fast-foodiness qualities.

I also agree with Buttery Neil that it makes a very good hangover food.