Wednesday, March 26, 2008

#20 - Quince Vodka (Part 2)

The quince vodka, now named "Quodka" has now been officially drunk, as were we after drinking it. We tried it with apple juice, but was too overpowering; but then we had it with tonic and it was lovely! I'm usually not a big fan of tonic water in drinks, but the sweet, subtle perfumed quince made it a very delicious drink. In fact, it may have been too delicious as we all necked it pretty quick - much quicker than if it was a strong normal voddie. Anyways, we all got even more pissed out in Manchester at Bollox, which by the way is totally brilliant!
#20 Quince vodka - a healthy 7/10. It was very nice and I shall make some if I have any spare next year

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