Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#360 Apple Sauce I

This is the third of four different apple sauces in English Food. I have had to wait to cook this one as it requires a quince.

Quince are an ancient fruit, related to apples and pears, that is not seen around too much these days as they have fallen out of favour somewhat and also have a very short season. They have also suffered because of the terrible wet weather we’ve had this year.

Apple sauce should not be reserved just for roast pork, by the way, use it with sausages, black pudding, chicken, turkey, goose or game. It is a surprisingly versatile condiment.

Chop up 8 ounces of Bramley’s seedling apples (those in North America, use Mackintosh apples) and slice one ‘small or moderate quince’. You don’t need to peel or core the fruit, but I would scrub off the naturally-occurring fluff from the skin of the quince, should it have some. Place in a pan along with ¼ pint of water, a heaped tablespoon of sugar (omit if using Mackintosh apples) and a pared strip of lemon peel. Cover and simmer until a puply, then pass through a sieve or mouli-legumes to remove peel &c.

Put back on the heat and stir until it thickens up; you don’t want it ‘sloppy and wet’ as Griggers says. Stir in one ounce of butter and give the finished sauce a healthy seasoning of black pepper.

#360 Apple Sauce I. I liked this one very much and ate it with some rabbit which it complemented very well. The quince mellowed the Bramley’s, making them much less tart. Tres bon. 7.5/10.


MandyBrigwell said...

This should surely be Quince Sauce - I've only ever found quinces once, and they're worth renaming a sauce for. Did they not take absolute hours to cook?

Neil Buttery said...

Hi Mandy

Quinces don't take that long to cook if they are sliced or even quartered.

You can get quinces - I got mine prdered from my local greengrocer, though I did have to buy a whole tray!

Anonymous said...

You might want to search for quince growers in PA as there are many farms around here that I know of who have some well established trees... e.g.

Neil Buttery said...

Thanks Mandy, but I am not in the US anymore but Manchester in the UK!