Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I know what you are thinking, but it's a glandular problem.

I can see you there, judging me. I my have piled on the pounds but it's my glands, you see, my glands. There's nothing I can do. It has nothing to with the huge selection of meat and cake I've scoffed both in France and coming back, or that I've not been to the gym for nearly a month. Ok, I sort of is. Ok it is! It will all change however now that I'm back at the gym and on a low-calorie diet for a bit. I must get back to the svelte chap I was before the field trip. Therefore all Grigsons are to be low-or-no-fat, contain loads of fresh fruit and veg, and/or be high protein. If she can't provide, then I will have to temporarily look elsewhere. I'm sure I won't though. Flicking through the book there's light salads, fish dishes and summery soups.

I shall be thin, I shall!

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