Monday, May 19, 2008

#51, Part II

The Grigson recommended getting another meal out of the shin of beef stew by simmering the stew away until nice and thick and stirring through some chopped parsley, so that's what I did! Well I have to re-think my previous mark of 8/10, because this was absolutely gorgeous. It was a thick super beefy sauce with a good hit of red wine behind it, and the beef was so unbelievably tender I didn't even have to chew. I think that this is one of the best meals you could make yourself. All it requires is time. I'm not sure if it's nicer than the game pie I made recently which I gave full marks...oh bugger it:

#51 (part II) Shin of beef stew - 10/10 Completely brilliant. Go out and make it right now!


Anonymous said...

This looks shitting ace. I reckon the French would be impressed- intense beefy flavours remind me of Parisian bistros.

Neil Buttery said...

I reckon you're right - the more I cook from this book, the more I realised that traditional English scran is essentially French (or the other way round)